Bitumen supply

Road bitumen is an binder material used in a variety of industries, especially in road construction, laying of pipelines, in the paint and the cable industry and others.

Our company offers road bitumen meeting highest quality standards. This material is an indispensable component for the production of road asphalt.

The cost of road bitumen, which we offer, is competitively prices , because we work directly with manufacturers. We guarantee a safe and fast transportation of the product to the location of your choice. In addition, you can be confident in the exceptional quality of our products as we provide all the necessary documents and certificates certifying that bitumen meets  all standards required.

Our traders having 20+ years experience in bitumen sales, we have clear understanding of client needs in bitumen supply.  We know how are important just-in-time deliveries for our clients, delivery reliability. We strive to meet quality, quantity requirements and provide best in market service level.

Leave bitumen supply problems and headaches for us. We will optimize product sourcing from different producers (Orlen, Lotos, Novopolock, Nybit), arrange rail and truck logistics and delivery scheduling,  will manage all problems, that could arise unexpectedly.

That’s the promise based on our professional proficiency   !

For any your bitumen needs – please contact Linas at +370-686-59351 or